Today was an interesting day at work and it caused me to remember that I have this neat blog over here that I’ve neglected for a year or three. Hi. No doubt many of you that are still following this forgot you followed it to begin with. But since you’re here, let’s have some fun, shall we? I’ll start with some of the submissions that had been here gathering dust, but feel free to submit anything new! But just to remind you what we’re about:

Work for Wal-Mart currently? Used to work for them? How about Sam’s Club? Ever had something about your store drive you insane? Think others can relate? WONDERFUL. You are in the right place.

Wal-Mart problems will let you submit 100% anonymously your “problems” - we aren’t going to post anyone’s names EVER. We are also going to answer all of your questions privately as well (unless its something we feel like should be addressed, and then we will just copy &  paste your text!)

We will make images for your submissions. Don’t worry about that.

All good? Alright, lets get to submitting then.

The Great Christmas Swamping 2011

We aren’t ignoring you

we are just SUPER Swamped with Christmas Work Schedules!!

Not to mention I (K) am tryiing to mentally and physically prepare myself for the great Canadian shopping day known as BOXING DAY! I work 12 hours that day. WISH ME LUCK


Hey folks, I feel like I have been hiding from you


But! I just got myself a shiny new job. Sadly it is not with Wal-Mart but the job I do have is only seasonal (BOO!) so I’m hoping our New Wal-Mart (Which looks so pretty surrounded by all the snow and dirt…NOT!) will still call me and I can actually be in your ranks again.

Just wanted to say thanks for your continued support of this tumblr and I promise to bring my spazzy self around more often!

I just want to survive my first 10 hour and overnight shift with one piece of sanity.

I can tell you that the longest shift I worked was a 15 hour shift and that was an overnight shift. Night shifts have the potential to be lots of fun if you’re working with a good crew and though a longer shift seems like it might suck, that just means you’ll have a shorter shift at some other point in the week. But I wish you the best of luck.